Web Site Development 

Since web sites can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the features required for the web site. Since this is the case we do not place pricing or estimates on our web site.Instead please Contact us (780) 812-1558 for your free consultation and quote: Since everyone person and business is different and they have different needs on the Internet, the development of each website is unique. Many websites will be easy to develop but at the same time just as many will take much more work. We first plan out the website using the goals set for it by the client. This includes the design, color scheme, fonts and navigation structure. Most websites cater to a specific group of people, even those who believe they are for everyone have a specific niche that they will reach and the website needs to be designed for that niche. The designs are not done for a “WOW” factor they are designed to work and build return clients. Users of the Internet have been polled time and time again to list what they think are the most important items to them when visiting a website and for the last seven years it has not changed. First is content, does this website have what I’m looking for and can I understand it. We can’t stress enough about how important good copy is to your success on the Internet. Second, do the pages of the website open fast. People are in a hurry and they’re not willing to wait for a page to load to be viewed. Three years ago they would wait 30 seconds, now it’s less than 15. Thirdis navigation of the website, can I get around the site and not get lost in it. That is why we include a site map with every website larger than six pages to make it as easy as possible to find what they are looking for. Fourthis the actual look of the website. Yes, it is the least important item for visitors to a website. Take a look at any of the major players on the Internet. How many use a “WOW” factor in their design. ZERO. The designs are well laid out and practical. These are working websites that people come back to time and time again. But most importantly they are successful websites. Are all the websites we’ve built been successful? Yes, some not right at the start, but with constant revision and open mindedness they have all been successful. Why should you use us when there are many good website designers out there? Because we are not just going to design the website, we are going to go the extra steps and fully develop it. From finding the best keywords to properly submitting the site to search engines along with much more. Your success is important to us because we can’t be successful unless you are first.