There is no guarantee with recovering information from failed hard drives and other media types. A lot of factors come into affect (the amount of HHD damage, Deleted files, HHD Formatted) and much more. Our process is the following we will remove the failed HHD or media type, return it to the shop at which time the HHD or media type will be connected to our data recovery machine (sometimes the drive or media type may have to be rebuilt prior to this). It will then be scanned in several ways. This process can be time consuming (time is dependent on the condition and the size of the HHD or media type). We will then provide a list to the customer of everything that can be recovered. The customer, can then decide what they would like recovered. If no recovery is possible by our technique there is  NO CHARGE to the customer.
Please be advised there are other alternatives if the drive or media type happens to be out of the scope of what we can accomplish. We can recommend other companies that go into more depth of the repair and / or recovery. We have used them in the past and stand behind them 100%.Thus we have had a 100 % recovery rate in either method used.


File Backups:  We will back up your files etc to one of the following types of media: DVD (4.7GB), DVD (8.5GB), CD-R (700MB), Bluray Disc, USB Flash Drive, or external USB harddrive. This is billed by the media type selected and the amount of time (on average: an average person, system backing up their documents and pictures it is normally about 1 hour plus the backup media chosen).

We can provide offsite storage of your backed up files on our own secured Storage for safe keeping. Price is $10.00 /month per Gigabyte of information.The information that is backed up can be restored or provided to the customer normally within 24hrs or less.

Full System Backups (images):  
We can do what is call a full system backup also known as an image. We will consult with the customer to determine what files etc they wish to have backed up and also the type of back up that should be done (full or incremental). This can also be schedule to fit the customers needs (weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually) this type of backup is used when time is of the essence to have the system back up and running in the least amount of time.

Data Transfer:  
We will transfer data from the customers PC / Laptop to whatever media they desire (i.e. DVD, another HHD, Flash Drive, or from one PC to another). We can transfer data from an old PC / Laptop to a new one for upgrading; the time it will take will depend on a couple of factors, Speed of PC / Laptop, the amount of data to be transferred, and the type of media.